Monday, 26 December 2011

Maria Trialoni - My bed

The body is a storage area, where all kinds of experiences, memories, even thoughts, are registered. We could say that our body grows by feeding on these experiences and feelings. This sculpure installation functions as a diary with the aim to present part of my personal thoughts about a very common place, the top of the bed.

My bed, sculpture installation, 190 x 90,5 x 78 cm, sewn human hair on pillow and sheet, 2007

"They are only sentences. In the begining of this work I was intented to write-sew a whole text of my diary. After a research, I decided to choose some sentences of that text with a interesting meaning for me and to sew them. Perhaps seems to be like a poem, but I like the idea when somebody read it, to find a different meaning for him/her.

"Cage full of thoughts"
"My tongue"
"Is tied"
"To find my speech"
"I stand in front of them"
"Ι  oscillate" 
"Look for the words"
"Always finds me"
"I ignore it"

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